Pest Control Redesigned

Less disruptive. More responsive. More effective.


What if you could do pest control differently?

Ineffective pest control costs your business: Poor online reviews. Shutdowns. Negative media coverage. Canceled contracts. Unhappy customers. Your reputation.

But it doesn't have to be that way. 

Meet Rentokil's PestConnect Portfolio. It's pest control redesigned. 

By combining the power of technology and data with integrated pest management, Rentokil has redesigned pest control for today's businesses. Plus, PestConnect devices have features ideal for tackling new challenges posed by coronavirus.

  • Remote digital monitoring for 24/7 protection of any space against rodents
  • Alerts Rentokil at the first sign of activity for a rapid response
  • Perfect for high-risk and restricted access areas 
  • Reduces overall contact for increased hygiene and safety


Explore a pest control redesign today

Discover what your data-driven integrated pest management program could look like with PestConnect. Schedule a free site assessment.



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